Addiction Counselling

Addiction counselling promotes clients in recovery the individualized care, support and guidance that is needed to strive within a healthy lifestyle, promote healthy mindsets, and creating a healthy well being.


We aim to uncover underlying issues that have being hindering and contributing towards the unhealthy decisions of addiction, and any other lifestyle related issues. The counselling process enables bringing these issues and challenges out into the open which will allow for the process of healing, and establishing healthy coping skills.


We aim to establish the root cause of addiction and behaviours, and facilitate the process of moving towards sobriety and healthy living. At Palm Gardens, we acknowledge that no individual is the same, and therefore we promote individual treatment plans, best suited for your specific needs and progress.


As your Addiction Counsellor, you will receive a thorough assessment, intense ongoing one on one care, and your treatment plan and counselling process will be achieved with the utmost love and confidentiality.


Counselling enables clients to identify addiction related behaviours and facilitate towards healthier decision making and thought restructuring. Family therapy also forms part of the healing process.


The option of moving towards family bonding programmes is effective towards maintaining healthy family relationships and households. If needed, mental and psychiatric healthcare may also be provided.