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"The pupose of life, is a life of purpose"

Recovery Coaching is rapidly becoming the norm in today’s treatment continuum and is to the twenty-first century what counseling was to the twentieth century.

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It offers an overview of effective strength-based coaching principles and the concept of Whole Life Recovery, which addresses the mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual states of being. When these five domains are integrated and kept in balance as a recovery fundamental, it will provide us with the recovery capital needed to maintain long term sobriety, thus making us more resilient against this enemy we call addiction.

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In 2010 my life came to a dead end. I was trapped in a vicious addictive cycle to the point where I could no longer function in society and something desperately needed to change. So I made a choice to action my change game.


I made a decision to spend 5 years of my life living with a local community in a remote village in Mozambique. Whilst there, I lived amongst the people, shared life with the people, built shelters and organized soup kitchens. I learnt to speak the language and totally immersed myself in the culture and the way of life. Some of my greatest mentors in my life were people of the village who had endured great trials and suffering, paralleled with great joy. Here I discovered a profound truth that many who are wealthy were in many ways in poverty and many who are in poverty are many ways wealthy. How could this be?


The life lessons I learned living in poverty, brought great personal growth and inspired me to start my Recovery Coaching practice that is aimed to empower people to action their 'Game Changer. Oh, and by the way did I mention I am an internationally certified & registered professional life & recovery coach but forget all that, what matters is that I care.

Past Client Experiences

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What can you expect from working with me as your recovery coach?

  • Substance Abuse Recovery Coaching.

  • Relapse prevention plans.

  • Professional guidance when considering recovery.

  • Motivation to change.

  • Better understanding of addiction for self and family.

  • Healthy strategies to cultivate healthy relationships.

  • Critical thought strategies for critical life decisions during performance critical times.

  • Hope producing mind-sets.

  • Strategies to overcome fear.

  • Learn how to cultivate self-love and forgiveness.

  • Full access to life lessons learned during my time living in poverty.

Thanks to Theo I am finally beginning to feel enthusiastic about life. Thank You seems such a small word for the things Theo has and continues to teach me.


Theo's command of professional recovery coaching is superb. He is an excellent communicator in English, with the ability to make complex information understandable to lay audiences.


Theo Claassen has been an indispensable part of my personal development during a performance-critical period when I  was struggling with personal difficulties in my recovery.


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